Don't damage any part of your motohome by forgeting to check all loose parts before you leave the site. Use our free 'Before you leave' Checklist!

Inside your motorhome

  • Close - hatches, windows
  • Secure - curtains, blinds, folding door, stove lid
  • Switch Off - 12v lights and pump
  • Fridge to 12v (not gas)
  • Fridge door locked
  • Loose items secured
  • Secure roof (pop-tops)
  • Tyres checked visually

Outside your motorhome

  • Push step in
  • Door locked, keys removed
  • Hook in position
  • Gas off at bottle
  • Stoneshield locked
  • Power lead removed and stowed
  • Jacks up
  • Tyres checked visually
  • TV fittings secured/removed

Call us for any information and advice. We are more than happy to help.